Special thanks to friends and family that continue to support + inspire.

Also sending love to all of the artists, organizers and  educators that have challenged us to go deeper + explore what else is possible.



Pauline Pisano is an artist, activist, cultural worker, and community organizer in various campaigns throughout New York City. She is a coordinator for the New York City Arts and Culture Committee of The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival , a movement seeking to address the interlocking issues of racism, militarism, poverty, and ecological devastation. She is a co-founder of Songs In The Key Of Resistance, a cross-movement cultural arts incubator housed by The People’s Forum. Pauline organizes for The Institute for the Development of The Human Arts , a movement seeking to offer alternatives to mental health that challenge the current biomedical model. She is also active with Close The Camps NYC. Pauline is set to release an anti-capitalist climate change concept album this April alongside various projects.