Free Shahidul Alam

While studying at school I came across the story of photo journalist, Shahidul Alam, that has been imprisoned and on trial for "fake news." Shahidul is a world renown photo journalist that is slated to receive the Humanitarian Award at the LUCIES on Oct 28th in NYC. He will most likely not be able to attend. Please join the conversation and sign Amnesty International's petition.


Further, if you are connected to a school or university please contact me as there are ways in which to display his past work from the show "A Struggle For Democracy" and more actively participate in freeing him. We are all connected. 

"Turn around to someone you do not recognize. Say hello. Smile. Make Friends. It could be a life transforming experience." - Shahidul Alam

If you only have a minute scroll to 14:55 and hear Shahidul's advice to the audience. 

Special thanks to friends and family that continue to support + inspire.

Also sending love to all of the artists, organizers and  educators that have challenged us to go deeper + explore what else is possible.