Special thanks to friends and family that continue to support + inspire.

Also sending love to all of the artists, organizers and  educators that have challenged us to go deeper + explore what else is possible.



I an active cultural arts organizer in various campaigns/movements across NY State. If you are a part of an organization seeking assistance in cultural arts organizing practices such as art builds, song circles, music for street actions, and storytelling open mic events, please feel free to reach out. The organizations I work with must be aligned with the principles and values mentioned on this site. I am currently working with:


The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. 

MISSION: To address the intersecting oppressions of racism, militarism, poverty, and ecological devastation



Songs In The Key of Resistance (SKOR) hosted @ The People's Forum

MISSION: To create a cross-movement music incubator for various campaigns in New York City.

Close The Camps NYC

MISSION: To end the detention of immigrants and to establish permanent protection for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.


The Institute for the Development of the Human Arts.

MISSION: To organize alternatives to the biomedical framework of mental health.

Visit: IDHA-NYC.org



Group Meeting Facilitation: Creating agendas, follow-ups with new and existing members, conflict resolution, and bridging movements.

Graphic/Web Design + Content Creation

Audio Production: Protools, music asset creation, and audio correction for podcasts and other projects.


Public Speaking + Rally/Chant Leading


Cultural Organizing Facilitation: song/chant creation sessions, community jam sessions, 

and organizing art builds.