• Pauline Pisano

Building a strategy for surviving individualism. Internal and external. A work in progress.

1. Remember the betrayal of community & collectively stems from social conditioning. We have been conditioned to view ourselves as separate from the rest. Our environment takes it a step further and gives actual resources to those who can convince others of their separateness. This of course is an illusion, however, the resources given to the “most separate” are not illusions, they are very real. This is how this ideology is upheld. Celebrity culture, billionaires, etc.

2. Sometimes you and I betray ourselves and our communities. Its gonna happen. It’s very worth investigating when, why, if, and how we do it. It’s also very necessary to investigate this *with* community. Remember we are fighting separateness. The investigation can lead to transformation and freedom from negative thoughts steeped in maladaptive behaviors. Exposure to non-authoritarian actors combats internalized shame.

3. Time alone spent in reflection. Boundaries. Are all necessary for this work. There’s a balance between the solo work and the community work, keep on trying to find it.

4. Take up space. There’s enough sky for all of the stars to burn. Taking up space doesn’t mean encroaching upon others ability to burn brightly. However, it does require awareness of: barriers to resources others might be experiencing due to power structures that have privatized our sky, and an ego conditioned to want separateness.

5. Perfectionism is colonial, imperial, patriarchal and covered with white supremacy. If you are angry at yourself for not being perfect search for another perspective. There’s a truth out there that’s being masked. Find it. If the truth keeps coming back to you as how worthless you are, keep searching. What you are on the verge of discovering is quite important.

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Special thanks to friends and family that continue to support + inspire.

Also sending love to all of the artists, organizers and  educators that have challenged us to go deeper + explore what else is possible.