• Pauline Pisano

We are the trees and the river

An individualist ideology convinces us to choose the best tree, the most beautiful one, the one that “pops” and gets our attention, but nature is a collection of organisms and living sentient beings. There is no “best” without individualism. So let’s just do away with that false ideology. Every tree is in concert with the others and that is what creates the awe. No tree can survive in a vacuum removed from other living organisms. Whenever I feel lost or not good enough I look to nature and remember, I am a collection of things in relation to a collective. Free your mind from structured and designed individualism. Nature has no place for it. And we ARE nature. We ARE the climate. We ARE of the earth. We are the trees and the river. . . Don’t be afraid to engage in the battle of ideas and challenge dominant ideology and domination. . . #nature #collectivity #trees#newhampshire #fall

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